A Minimalist Valentines Day: How to Celebrate Your Love Without Buying Crap <3

Minimal Valentines day

Here’s an interesting tidbit…the original Valentine’s Day tradition (which was actually the 15th of Feb) was inspired by the Romans who would get drunk and naked, kill a goat and/or dog and then throttle their love interest with the dead carcase before mating with them for the duration of the 3-day holiday (the love interest, […]

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Our Very Untraditional Christmas

untraditional christmas

My husband and I aren’t religious. We don’t have kids and we don’t have family nearby. We also stopped going “home” for the holidays (our respective birthplaces that aren’t really home anymore) years ago. Given all that, Christmases aren’t typical in our home. I’m not complaining about our nontraditional holiday season. On the upside, we […]

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The Unexpected Benefits of a Self-Imposed 30-Day Spending Ban

Ikea pop-up livingroom

Inspired by Cait Flanders, I took on a self-imposed spending ban last month that will finish in just a few days.  What I’ve learned from this experience, the way I’m influenced to shop and the impulse I have to hit the “buy” button, has been truly enlightening. Overall, this wasn’t too much of a challenge […]

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I Failed at Minimalism

becoming minimalist

I’m about to admit pure failure here. I’ve been writing about my journey to minimalism for a while now. I have to say, the purging felt good. I enjoyed sharing pictures of all the belongings I pitched. I felt self-righteous about my new-found power to “just say no” to more stuff. But then the Nordstrom […]

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Minimalist Design That’s Inviting and Cozy

minimalist bedroom

I’m not an interior design expert, but I’ve noticed minimalism has a serious branding problem when it comes to interior design. When I’m on Pinterest and I’m searching for minimalist spaces, I tend to find a bunch of stark rooms with barely any sense of personal space. The design is bare and cold. While I […]

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