A 30-Day Shopping Ban (Whole 30 Style)

30 Day Shopping Ban
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So, this illustrator decided to do a 30-day shopping ban where she painted (but didn’t purchase) all the things she would normally buy over the course of a month. It inspired my own creative experiment in understanding how my spending habits could be improved. It’s kinda like doing a Whole 30 for your wallet where I’ll buy only food (real food) for 30 days and nothing else. No clothes, no Quest Bars, no trips, no supplements, no small little impulse purchases and no hair product (gasp) for 30 whole days. Instead, if I see something I want, I’ll take a picture or screenshot of it, and drop it in my Amazon cart, but I will not make another transaction until Oct 17.

While this seems like nonsense at first glance, if you were to look at my Amazon account history over the last few years you’d understand how trigger-happy I can be with purchasing pretty much anything. From obscure imported coffee to Living Proof Dry Shampoo (that stuff is damn good), I’m one click away from spending half my paycheck all from the comfort of my couch on a random Tuesday night.

While my habit has improved dramatically since I started focusing on minimalism, I still have some pretty rich spending habits that could be reigned in.  Of course, the goal is not to deprive myself with this ban.  It’s always about building that self-awareness muscle around what it is that makes me happy vs what is just taking up unnecessary space in my life.

shopping ban

By adopting the Whole 30 framework (a commitment to only eat real food for 30 days), I’m hoping it will help me become more aware of my shopping triggers that come up when I’m feeling stressed/sad/overwhelmed/inspired.

I will share the process over the next 30 days, but to be clear, these are the parameters I’m placing on this experience:

What I will buy:

  • Real food that isn’t packaged as a snack (like my beloved Quest Bars) and food for my dogs (obviously).
  • 2 social dinners out per week (this is something that brings me legit happiness and I’m not interested in giving it up)

What I won’t buy:

  • Snacks and treats
  • Household consumables like soap, cleaners or paper towel
  • Clothes, accessories, shoes of any kind
  • Supplements
  • Beauty products
  • Trips
  • Online workouts (it’s an obsession, don’t judge)
  • Show series
  • Audiobooks/real books
  • Courses of any kind (unless it’s a free trial)
  • Anything for the house
  • Pretty much anything else period.

I plan to share this journey with you on Instagram as I work through my urges to purchase, so be sure follow along if you’re interested. Better yet, commit to your own 30-Day Shopping Ban and borrowing from the Whole 30 theme, let’s use the hashtag #wallet30.


Let’s do this!

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