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  • This change of perspective was a game-changer for me.
  • How to financially plan yourself out of a career you hate - financial strategies for escaping a job you can't stand.
  • Is it wrong to want this in my bathroom? 🤔 I wonder if it’s a decal, stencil or wallpaper?
  • But I did it anyway! 👊 #namastehome #homebody #introvertlife 🤟
  • Discipline is not something the best of us are born with and the rest of us live without.

Bottom line, this is the kind of work that separates the successful from the unsuccessful.  It’s not about working extra hard to be perfect.  Forget that. It’s BS anyway.  It’s about being intentional and mindful of your weaknesses then actually doing something to address them, rather than white-knuckling a change or berating yourself for not changing.

This is very doable stuff.  You just have to have to put your attention on it.
  • Yes and #zerofucksgiven
  • I’m obsessed with plants on walls lately!  Mostly because I have a really ugly cement wall near the front door of my house that needs some love and I’m thinking of hanging plants on it.  What a great way to make art out of nature.  #plantstyling #plantwall #natureart #weirdobsession
  • Habits are the things we do without too much thought or effort - good or bad.  To make better habits, it requires a little intentional effort to make a new behavior feel automatic.  The more drastic and uncomfortable the change, the harder it is to make something habitual. .

My best advice for anyone trying to create healthier habits us to start small and make changes incrementally. Give yourself time and confidence to create better habits by creating small changes and you won’t fail. .

The smaller the change the greater your chance of success will be.

#habithacks #healthyhabits #goodhabits
  • This backyard reminds me of summers in Toronto.  Great memories of wine, night crickets and great company. 💕

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