Our Path to Financial Independence (and our Life Plans Once We Get There)

FIRE spouse planning

*** The other day I came across a blog post by She Picks Up Pennies, inspired by Our Next Life and Think Save Retire about their respective paths to financial independence and what they plan to do when they get there.  The conversation started 3 years ago, so as per usual, I’m inappropriately late to the […]

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Marriage & Money: How to Set Your Spouse on FIRE

married saving budget

Once again, I’m not talking about pyromania here, but rather the concept of F.I.R.E. (financial independence to retire early). These are my ideas on how to influence your spouse to buy into the idea of taking control of your life and finances. So maybe you’ve just read Mr. Money Mustache front to back, consumed every personal […]

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Light Yourself On F.I.R.E. This Year (Financial Independence + Retire Early)

FIRE financial independence retire early

Nope, not talking about pyromania. I’m referring to F.I.R.E., which is an acronym for, you guessed it… financial independence + retire early. Now clearly these are two different things, but they tend to get lumped together.  Since I see them as very separate and unique goals, I’ll define them that way. Financial Independence (otherwise known […]

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Process as Art: Storytelling that’s valuable and relatable.

authentic storytelling

I just listened to James Altucher interview Gary V this morning.  I don’t often follow Gary, mostly because I find his energy overwhelming, but I respect his messages about doing what you love relentlessly.  I think there’s a beauty in being so passionate about something that you’re willing to eat a million shit sandwiches and patiently […]

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