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  • this is why I don't do rompers.  100%
  • A scene from my walk today.  God, I love living in California.  Sometimes I fantasize about moving to a cheaper state where we could be #FI, but how could I let go of the palm trees, the citrus 🍊 trees and the politics?  Living in California is like living in Canada only there’s no snow and no free healthcare.  The mental debate continues....
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  • Did another closet purge this week.  This time I’m hoping to sell some of it.  I paid a little extra for this bag ($10) so that @thredup will mail me back anything they don’t want to keep.  That way, I felt better about purging more than I would if the clothes were never coming back to me. 
Funny thing is, I already can’t tell you what was in that bag.  Gone and forgotten already!  I wear the same few things on rotation every day. .
#thredup #minimalistgame #minsgame #clutterfree #declutter #simplespace #closetpurge
  • I actually went into a REAL bookstore today!  That’s the first time in a while!  Looking forward to sinking into this.  #canadianauthor #canadarepresent #minimalism #minimalistlife #minimalista #theyearofless
  • Simple, never easy, but so worth the effort. .
#loveyourselffirst #knowyourworth #bekindtoyourself #selfacceptance #knowledgeofself #beyou💯 #girlpower #womensmarch
  • And leggings!!!!
  • If they could only bottle and sell beauty filters...
  • This one took some time to figure out, but better late than never.  Some people don’t want you to change or grow.  It’s not that they don’t love you.... they just don’t want to lose you, or have to look at their own limitations that prevent them from changing or growing.
You do you.  The people around you will adjust. ❤️ #selflovenote
  • Lol 😂 I was just talking about this on my Facebook page.  This year, I’ve shifted my career priorities so that I’m working from home 100% of the Time now. 
Certainly that’s not an aspiration for everyone, but it’s a HUGE milestone for me in both work and life.  I’ve dreamed of a commute-less job for years and now I finally have it.  I now control when I get up, when I workout, what I eat for lunch and what the temperature is (why are office buildings always freezing???). 😨

Anyway, for me this feels like #earlyretirement because I’m doing exactly what I want to do.  Still working hard, but loving every step of it now with no plans of slowing down! ☝️ So grateful for this shift!!!🙌💪

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