I Failed at Minimalism

becoming minimalist

I’m about to admit pure failure here. I’ve been writing about my journey to minimalism for a while now. I have to say, the purging felt good. I enjoyed sharing pictures of all the belongings I pitched. I felt self-righteous about my new-found power to “just say no” to more stuff. But then the Nordstrom […]

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Minimalist Design That’s Inviting and Cozy

minimalist bedroom

I’m not an interior design expert, but I’ve noticed minimalism has a serious branding problem when it comes to interior design. When I’m on Pinterest and I’m searching for minimalist spaces, I tend to find a bunch of stark rooms with barely any sense of personal space. The design is bare and cold. While I […]

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How to Buy Only What You Truly Love

There’s a woman I follow on social media. She’s beautiful, very fit and perfect in that Pinterest kind of way. She has an idyllic life. Gorgeous husband, cute kid, big house, a couple of dogs, great friends… all the things we crave. But that’s her social media self. Theoretically, I know she still wakes up […]

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9 Happiness Killers to Quit or Ditch

When was the last time you let something go? Think about it, you accumulate new experiences, habits, responsibilities, relationships and beliefs every day of your life, but do you ever take time curate what you already have? This has been on my mind since reading the book Essentialism by Greg McKewon, a must read for […]

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