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  • Constantly trying to control an online spending habit.  Thought I had it kicked, but it turns out... not so much.
  • Excuse me while I obsess over planter boxes and wall gardens for the next several months.  How awesome is this?
#plantgarden #plantsrock #iheartgreen
  • Fun day hiking around Tahoe.  Only two more sleeps before it’s time to go home 😫😫😫
  • Yep
  • Want to create a little more happiness in your life?  Give yourself a breather from facebook and see how you feel.  I've been taking a step back for the past few weeks - enjoying life rather than recording it.  I've been in the moment more, paying attention to the people I'm with more and just soaking up life as it happens.  It's made a significant difference in my sense of wellbeing.  I feel way less anxious.  I suffer less FOMO.  It fees GOOD.

I'm not breaking up with social for good, but I can say with certainty that I've lost my love for Facebook.  Anyone else feeling like they need a break?
  • Lol this is 100% how my summer feels do far. ☹️
  • This change of perspective was a game-changer for me.
  • How to financially plan yourself out of a career you hate - financial strategies for escaping a job you can't stand.
  • Is it wrong to want this in my bathroom? 🤔 I wonder if it’s a decal, stencil or wallpaper?

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