To Get What You Want, Ask Yourself This…

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I heard this question tonight on a podcast and I had to turn the thing off for a moment because my brain was exploding. Ready for it?

What kind of person do you need to be to get the kind of results you want?

I have to say, this question made me look at my life from a completely different perspective. It forced me to consider what I want out of life and then work backward to consider who I need to be to make that a reality. Because most often we’re so focused on being the type of person we think we “should” be, for some undetermined, potentially unwanted result.

Personally, I want to be fit and healthy, deeply engaged in my work (whatever that is) and feeling loved and connected to the people around me. I’d also love to be financially independent which would give me a strong sense of security (I suffer from bag lady syndrome).

So what type of person achieves those results? Well, it’s probably someone who:

  • Workouts often & progressively while eating well.
  • Makes a point of being intentional about work and ensuring that it’s interesting and engaging (news flash, that’s not your bosses responsibility, it’s yours).
  • Goes out of their way to stay connected to their friends and family and making a point of prioritizing time spent with loved ones.
  • Has an investment portfolio that literally says – “I’ve got your back”.

Suddenly I have no reason to wallow in “what am I doing with my life” drama (something I’m a pro at, even in my 40’s). By reverse engineering the person I want to be, I can focus on developing behaviors that will make results happen.

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