Minimalist Design That’s Inviting and Cozy

minimalist bedroom
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I’m not an interior design expert, but I’ve noticed minimalism has a serious branding problem when it comes to interior design.

When I’m on Pinterest and I’m searching for minimalist spaces, I tend to find a bunch of stark rooms with barely any sense of personal space. The design is bare and cold. While I suppose that’s true minimalist form, it’s also not at all my style. There’s a way to blend simple lines and lack of clutter, but still, have a space that represents your style and creature comforts in an inviting way.

Here’s some ideas to get the minimal creative juices flowing…

Start with limiting your color scheme to 3 or less.

minimalist bedroom

// Apartment Apothecary //

Simitry makes things look orderly and intentional.

minimalist design

// My Domain //

Natural woods and bold art can really warm up a space that’s otherwise white.

minimalist dining room

// apartment 34 //

minimal design asthetic

// NYDE //

Which is not to say that white rooms can’t be inviting on their own.  They can! You just need to vary the shades and play with texture.

white minimal cozy room

// Beautiful Homes //

Most importantly, it has to reflect the personal style of the person who lives there.  The more quirkiness and personality, the better.

modern minimalist dining room

// Almocodesexta //

What do you think?  Are you a fan of true minimalist design?  Can you see yourself feeling at home in sparse, empty spaces?  I do love lots of space, but I need texture, color, furniture, and a personal feel to really call something home.

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