Goals for 2018 + How I’m looking at goal setting differently this year.

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I love goal setting, but truth be told, I’m not great with follow through.  I tend to ignore them after they’re written down, so this year, I’m making a point of sharing them publicly and checking in on my monthly progress.  Accountability is a huge driver for me,  and, as with everything else focused on in my life right now, I’m crafting my goals with intention so they actually mean something to me.

One of the major themes in this season of my life is work.  I feel like I’ve made it to a point in my financial progress that I can say no to work that I don’t want to do, and only say yes to the work that fires me up.  That has incredible meaning and value to me, and I’m so grateful to find myself here (after many years of working at jobs that didn’t bring me joy).   But since I’m still in my wealth-building years, I still intend to bring in a six-figure income in 2018.

Career, Business, Money & Personal Goals

My 9 to 5 Career

Since leaving my corporate job in September I have been working as a freelance communications consultant, specifically in the area of change management.  This is a pretty niche field, so I was fortunate to land a client through upwork almost immediately after leaving my full-time job.  Next year, I have a goal to bring on at least 2 or 3 more clients and hit my six-figure income goal by the end of the year.

The Blog

Funding Happy is still less than a year old, but I’ve been blogging about health and fitness for over 10 years now.  However, this is the year I take my revenue goals more seriously.  With the focus of this website being geared toward readers who find themselves where I was several years ago (stuck, creatively unfulfilled and unaware of what I truly wanted and valued in life), I think there are ways to serve my readers while building a sustainable income from the blog.  My BHAG (Big Hairy-Assed Goal) is to finish 2018 with my blogs generating a combined $5K per month in income.  That might be a lofty goal, but I’m very dedicated to making it happen.

I’d also like to get my subscriber list up to 5K for this site. I think it’s at 20 right now, so there’s lots of room for improvement there 🙂

Money Goals

My husband and I are fortunate enough to be able to live off one salary, so the intention for this year is to invest 100% of the earrings from my business into our long-term retirement portfolio.

Personal Goals

Deeper Connections // Tribe

A friend sent me this article about the Harvard Men’s study.  The study followed a cohort of men of the same age but different socio-economic backgrounds throughout their entire lives to truly understand what a quality life looked like.  As it turns out, the men who thrived the most were not the wealthiest or the smartest, but those with the deepest connections to others.  Even science is proving that having a tribe is the most significant factor in a long and healthy life.

I consider myself to be blessed with great friends and family, both local and as far away as Canada and even Australia, but I feel like I could invest more time in some of my most valued relationships. I’d also love to make new connections to like-minded people, particularly where I live.  What I take from this study is that while it’s important to have a good mix of friends and acquaintances, it’s critical to have deep connections with people who understand and appreciate your values in life.  This is the year I invest in the connections I have but also broaden the circle to connect with people who share similar values and aspirations.

Marriage // Love // Travel

This year is my 10th year wedding anniversary to my awesome husband.  I’m amazed that he’s been willing to put up with me for as long as he has ?.  To celebrate the best 10 years of our lives, we plan to take a fancy trip somewhere (Greek Islands maybe?) which I aim to do as much as humanly possible on points.

Health // Fitness

I spent years writing down weight loss goals that never came to fruition.  Now that I’m at a healthy weight, I prefer to focus on performance and growth goals.  This year, I’d like to gain 2lbs of lean muscle and end the year with the ability to do 10 unassisted pull-ups in a row.  Not an easy goal for someone who currently can’t do even one, but I’m excited to track this!!!

I’d also like to completely cut out sugar and gluten this year, 100%.


I heard someone on a podcast recently say that they have a standing commitment to do something new and out of their comfort zone at least once a month.  What a cool way to ensure you’re always getting into new experiences!  I’m going to adopt that goal in 2018 and I invite you to do the same!

Here’s what I’m tracking this year.  Expect to see an update from me at the end of each month!

Funding Happy & The Fit Habit is making a combined 5K per month in revenue by Dec
Funding Happy & The Fit Habit has a combined 5K subscriber list
I hit my 6-figure income goal in my freelance business
Invest 100% of my revenue/income in 2018
Go somewhere amazing to celebrate our 10-year anniversary leveraging points as much as possible.
Complete 10 unassisted pull-ups in a row
Gain two pounds of lean muscle
Cut out gluten 100% and reduce sugar intake
Build more like-minded connections and spend more quality time with my friends and family (squishy and not very measurable, but let’s give it a go)
Do something new and out of my comfort zone once a month.

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    1. Hey Troy, I have some ideas on programs I’d like to create, but that’s a way’s off. My goal is to be generating an income by the end of the year, but I need to focus on gaining more traction first. What have you been thinking of doing?