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I read this on a Mr Money Mustache post and I thought it was so clever: think of your dollars as little employees that work for you. 

Now, with that in mind, you can send your employees to a highly-civilized investment project where they will grow and develop while helping the world do great things. Alternatively, you can send your dollars to The Gap where their employment contract with you is eliminated the minute they reach that grubby cashier’s hands.  Gone. They’re all fired and now you’ve got this ill-fitting, scratchy acrylic sweater to work for you instead.

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Sadly, your new employee (the scratchy sweater) isn’t quite the little worker-bee that your dollars were.  It doesn’t go out and grow and expand.  In fact, it does the exact opposite when you put it in the dryer for the first time where it officially quits on you.  Forever.  Bub-bye acrylic employee.

I think this is such a powerful way to think about money and how it serves you.  Now, I have nothing against sweaters from the Gap, but when I think about how money can either work for you, or you can wear it, I’m pretty sure I’ll pick the “work for me” option, (almost) every time now.  I know I’ve exceeded the appropriate volume of clothes about 10x over, but this mindset has definitely shifted my thinking.


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